Pokemon Go Plus Release Date, Price, Features: How To Use The Wearable Device To Catch Them All!

Pokemon Go Plus Release Date, Price, Features: How To Use The Wearable Device To Catch Them All!
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Get ready Pokemasters, the latest companion to Pokemon GO will be released this September 16th. The Pokemon GO Plus will come with features that will make hunting for the 2D monsters so much easier.


Worn or your wrist or worn as a clip, the device will notify you if there are nearby Pokemon or Pokestops. The PG Plus will allow you to catch Pokemon without having to take out your phone, convenient especially in crowded places.

When you pass by a Pokestop, the Pokemon GO Plus will vibrate after which you can push a button to collect its contents. The same will apply if you pass a Pokemon, simply press the button to attempt to catch it, but only if you have caught the same type before.

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According to Heavy, the Pokeball does not have a 100 percent capture rate and can miss in the app itself. Still it’s better than playing paper toss every time a Ratata appears.

It still unknown how the toss works, however you can use different balls to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon using the device. These are perhaps the most important features of the PG Plus which are definitely helpful when you’re hunting Pokemon on the sides.

How To Use The Pokemon GO Plus

According to Nintendo, PG Plus connects to your phone through Bluetooth technology allowing it to sync with your account. This will certainly take a toll on your phone’s battery with mobile date, GPS, and Bluetooth running in the at the same time. Packing a power bank or two would be a good idea if you’re going for an extended Pokemon hunt.

It works as long as the app is running in the background however it will only track distance if the app is open and running in the foreground. Truly a major bummer for anyone looking to hatch that Pokemon egg while on the go.

The device will be priced at $34.99 and will be available starting next Friday. If you’re short on cash, maybe asking you parents for one as a Christmas gift would be a good idea.

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