Pokemon Go: No Gyms, Pokestops Due To Glitch With Pokemon Eggs?

Pokemon Go: No Gyms, Pokestops Due To Glitch With Pokemon Eggs?
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The thrill of playing Pokémon Go never ends. Hanging around hill tops and river edges and risking your life.


Such is the craze of Pokémon Go, and who knows you may find a rare Pokémon like Dratini, Electabuzz and Lapras just round the corner. However another interesting thing has come up- ‘The return of Pokémon Egg.’

Eggs are not supposed to do anything other than producing new baby Pokémon. It is available from Pokestops and they look like blue cubes on the apps map.

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Unlike the main game in Pokemon Go, you just can’t have an egg and hatch it, you will need an Egg incubator. Normally you get an Egg Incubator while on Get-go, one can also purchase an egg incubator with pokecoins or by levelling up.

Lately some players are taking advantage of a new glitch in Pokémon Go and are messing up the entire game. Reports suggest that these players are able to utilize this glitch to create unbeatable Gym’s and have figured out how to station eggs as Gym leaders, Comicbook reports.

With this glitch they are able to become unbeatable. Besides, they are also earning Pokecoins (the currency used in Pokémon Go). Other players of the same team are also benefiting from this glitch and occupying the gyms as well as earning Pokecoins via cheats.

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Meanwhile Niantic Labs, the creators of the game say that those who cheat while playing Pokémon Go maybe banned for a lifetime. There are many players who are using bots or cheater apps.

Players these days are not finding any Pokestops or gyms in the area whatsoever. So what is exactly going on?

It is an unusual issue. There is a speculation that playing the game on Wi-Fi helps solve the problem, Heavy reports.

It may be an issue with wireless carriers, not to Niantic. It is reportedly an after-effect of adding a new update to Pokémon Go on Aug.10.

To overcome the fault, it is better to restart the app or better still to restart the phone.

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