‘Pokemon Go’ News: Students Can Soon Enroll In ‘Pokemon Go’ Class In University!

‘Pokemon Go’ News: Students Can Soon Enroll In ‘Pokemon Go’ Class In University!
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An American university is all set to introduce “Pokemon Go” to its curriculum during fall. It’s good news for students who are crazy for the game developed by Niantic Lab.


The University of Idaho (UI) in the city of Moscow in Latah County is introducing Pokemon Go. It is part of its new physical activity class, Pop Culture Games.

Students of UI will have a ball gathering Pokeballs and searching for Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Snorlax, and also earn course credits. The Pokemon Go class will teach students to lead an active lifestyle, building teamwork and exploring their communities through games.

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Students will help organize the campus Humans vs Zombie club’s annual competition, Daily Dot reports. “I want it to be more than people going, ‘I am going to go catch a Pikachu’. This app does more than let you shoot a Pokeball,” said course instructor Steven Bird from UI, according to its website.

He said that it gives a scope for adventure, seeing various things, being active, and seeing the sun. Bird added that the Pokemon Go course would allow students to move in large groups and a team.

Apart from teamwork, and physical activity, it teaches leadership skills also. Bird, who is a student as well as faculty in UI, has been preparing the course for some time.

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He had to add Pokemon Go to the University’s Pop Culture Games course, as it had become a phenomenon. The game with its “clever technology and nostalgic content encourages people who might normally shy away from organized exercise to get outside.

It helps students to get moving and meet other players. Meanwhile, Philip Scruggs, chair of the Department of Movement Sciences from UI said that it adds a fun element to the creative class.

Scruggs added that Pokemon Go was a great way to engage youth, and a great way to engage families in active games together.

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