Pokémon Go News: Pokemon Found In Solliden Palace, Swedish Royals Annoyed?

Pokémon Go News: Pokemon Found In Solliden Palace, Swedish Royals Annoyed?
2res. H.R.H.Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Prince Daniel of SWEDEN Emanuel Stoica / Flickr cc
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The Swedish royal family is having a tough time with Pokémon Go fans trying to enter their summer residence Solliden Palace, in their trail of pocketing Pokémon.


Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, her husband Prince Daniel and their two kids are currently in the palace enjoying summer holidays along with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

However, since the release of Pokemon Go in Europe, fans have come across these creatures in the strangest places, from cemeteries to public toilets to doctor’s waiting rooms. The game has taken the world by storm and one fan even discovered a Pokemon at a funeral.

But these little monsters have not stopped at these places, they are all over the Swedish royal family’s summer residence in Solliden Palace on the outskirts of Stockholm.

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In a hilarious development, fans were spotted by security guards of the palace in the night carrying their mobiles and torches and looking for Pokemon on Tuesday. They were a group of youngsters who were thought to be trespassers.

When the security guards saw them, they were asked to go away and come back later in the morning to get hold of the pesky little Pokemon for ramping up their scores in Pokemon Go, Hello reports.

“When they saw the people with their torches trying to enter a garden, they became suspicious. They went over and did a check and it turned out they were Pokémon hunters,” said the head of security of Solliden Palace, Sven Stensson, talking to Swedish publication Aftonbladet.

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Sven added that the group of youngsters did not trespass and hence were not punished. He laughed off the incident saying that Pokémon Go players were welcome to return to the palace during daytime when it is open for the public. The security head said that the kids could chase all the Pokémon they wanted during the day.

To a question whether the king played Pokémon Go, Sven laughed saying that Carl Gustaf probably did not play the game. Meanwhile, a player, who was near the palace added that there were “probably loads of Pokémon inside Solliden Palace.”

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