‘Pokemon Go’ News: Ditto Does Not Exist?

‘Pokemon Go’ News: Ditto Does Not Exist?
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While “Pokemon Go” urges you to “catch ‘em all”, it doesn’t really make it easy for you to do so. In some cases like catching Ditto, it makes it impossible!


When you started playing “Pokemon Go”, you thought how hard could it be, right? As time passed, players have figured out that it is impossible to catch every 151 pocket monsters listed in the Pokedex.

While some are area specific, like Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime, which are found in parts of Australia and Europe respectively, there are others which are simply elusive, not to be found anywhere in the world!

One such Pokemon is the notorious Ditto, which has managed to escape getting noticed by any “Pokemon Go” so far!

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‘Pokemon Go’ News

According to BGR, “Ditto rearranges its cell structure to transform itself into other shapes. However, if it tries to transform itself into something by relying on its memory, this Pokémon manages to get details wrong.”

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Ditto has been listed as number Pokemon #132 in the Pokedex, reports Cult Of Mac, but has never been reported by any player to have seen or captured this particular Pokemon.

While finding Ditto seemed to be a task fit for Indiana Jones right now, catching one would definitely help a player in more ways than one. For one, it is an extremely rare Pokemon, and secondly, its power to duplicate any Pokemon makes it anyone’s trump card.

Finding Ditto

That being said, no one knows for sure why Ditto is this hard to catch. It makes sense for people to actually have trouble catching Mewtwo, given that it is the top-ranked Pokemon when it comes to the attacking stats in the game. But Ditto reportedly records one of the lowest overall stats in the game!

Many players are annoyed at the discovery that “Pokemon Go” has made Ditto so hard to find, let alone capture and have supposedly given up on ever locating him.

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One of the running theories, according to DNA is the fact that Ditto does not exist in “Pokemon Go” because it was traditionally believed to be a failed attempt to clone Mew in order to create Mewtwo.

Another theory is that finding Ditto is one of the secret “easter eggs” that the makers of the game teased about in Comic Con 2016. Apparently, just the like the evolution of Eevee, finding Ditto might also be one of the many riddles hidden within the game!

Either way, it is yet to be confirmed whether Ditto really exists in the game, and if yes, where can it be found?

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