‘Pokemon Go’ New Tracker And ‘Sightings’ Features: Niantic Biggest Mistake?

‘Pokemon Go’ New Tracker And ‘Sightings’ Features: Niantic Biggest Mistake?
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“Pokemon Go” is changing drastically and recent major updates all pertain to its in-app nearby Pokemon Tracker! Did Niantic just make tracking Pokemon difficult?


People had been complaining over the 3-step glitch that was making the “Pokemon Go” tracker freeze up and display the 3 footprints below all the Pokemon listed, making it impossible to tell whether one was nearer in distance than the other.

As an answer to all the complaints, Niantic decided to remove the 3-step feature altogether from the game, post-update, and left the players more confused than ever when it comes to tracking nearby Pokemon.

The amount of experimentation that Niantic is currently implementing when it comes to perfecting the tracking feature is something that is driving the players mad. Sure enough, the company has yet again come up with all new ways to mess up the gaming experience.

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No Multiple Pokemon Listings

While one could at least see if more one Pokemon of the same species were spread out in an area, hence, quickly confirming if it was a possible Pokemon nest or not, Niantic has now made it impossible to do that anymore.

One can no longer see duplicates of any particular Pokemon in the area anymore. As a result, there could be tons of Bulbasaur around the area that you are standing and you wouldn’t know. You will only be able to know what kind of Pokemon is spawning in the area, not how many.

Pokemon Disappears!

At least Niantic has fixed the bug that was causing some of the players’ trackers to still show the same Pokemon list even if they walked to a completely different location. One had to constantly sign in and out of the game to refresh the nearby Pokemon list, was understandably frustrating.

Once one walks a certain distance away from a spawning Pokemon, the Pokemon now disappears from the list. It again re-appears on the list when one is near the particular Pokemon again.

No Direction Hints

Since Niantic has decided to go old school and eliminate the handy 3-step feature, there is no way of predicting anymore which direction one should walk in order to close in and the Pokemon which has just spawned in the area, reports CNET.

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The 200 Meters Rule

Every spawning Pokemon now creates an alert for a radius of 200 meters in any given direction from its spawning point. Hence every time you move more than 200 meters from a Pokemon, it automatically ceases to be listed under the nearby Pokemon list, now entitled “Sightings”.

For tips on how to track a Pokemon under this specific rule, below is a video from a “Pokemon Go” expert Nick of “Trainer Tips”:

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