‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date, Update: Nests, Spawns Changes To Expect In September

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date, Update: Nests, Spawns Changes To Expect In September
Pokémon GOEduardo Woo/ Flickr cc
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Niantic Labs may have released another update with a lot of Pokemon Go players noticing some spawn changes recently. Apparently some who have plotted the proper farming spots have seen the changes, but nothing official has come from the game developer.


A look over at Reddit shows feedback from players who have noted changes so far this September. Depending on how players are hooked on and observant to “Pokemon Go”, harvesting goodies and capturing the elusive critters will only be noticed by a select few.

It should be noted that Niantic has game servers that covers a wide niche, meaning that should a change in nests and spawns hint at possibly massive with most not noticing. If the speculation is indeed true, Pokemon Go players may have a lot of adjusting to do, particularly the hardcore gamers who are bent on leveling up.

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Did Things Just Get Harder In Pokemon Go?

A Pokemon Go update is imminent as Niantic has been doing its regular patches. As most are probably aware, such is part of addressing loopholes that have been tied up to the augmented reality game since it was released back in July.

Disheartening as the updates may be to players, the fact is that the game is no fun if it is recurring. The likely changes should help juggle the nests and spawns, an initiative that adds more spice to a game that has seen a surprising decline in active players, Bloomberg reported.

While that seems a bit odd considering the popularity of Pokemon Go, a likely reason is because the game has had its flaws and share of cheaters. Some have found it recurring but the change (if true) should make it more challenging.

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The game was meant for exploring and moving, not constrained to one place. With the new changes, avid Pokemon Go players are forced to do the inevitable – get up and go!

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