Pokemon Go Murder Video: Alex Ramirez Witnessed Murder While Playing?

Pokemon Go Murder Video: Alex Ramirez Witnessed Murder While Playing?
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Alex Ramirez was playing Pokemon Go on Saturday night when he claimed to have witnessed a murder by Trinity United Methodist Church on Harrison Avenue.


Ramirez was an Uber driver. He had been going around Beaumont,Texas while playing the game in between accepting passengers.

Following his normal routine, the Uber driver was livestreaming Pokemon Go when he saw someone push a dead body out of car.

According to Gizmodo, the driver had allegedly been fired from Uber. The publication reported that a member of local police is calling the entire ordeal a hoax.

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Ramirez is also a small-time YouTuber claiming to have witnessed a murder. During the incident, he started yelling, “Oh my god I just witnessed a fu**in’ murder.”

It was reported that he had called 911. While on call, Ramirez was streaming live on YouTube. He said that he was being followed by the same black Chevy Silverado that according to him dumped the body in front of the church on Harrison Avenue.

Beaumont has one of the highest murder rates in Texas. Sergeant Cody Guedry of the Beaumont Police Department, while talking to Gizmodo, said that no body was found at that location. He also informed that he believed Ramirez’s call was a hoax. Although the sergeant was appreciative of the game, as it is getting people to be more active, he also said that the game will be “something we’re going to have issues with.”

In a follow-up video, Ramirez explained that what he claimed on stream was authentic. The things he said did happen, but it is not possible for him to talk about it, said 92.9 The Lake.

After the claim was made, Pokemon Go streamer Ramirez’s subscriber count has propelled from around 4,000 to over 92,000.

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