Pokemon Go, McDonalds Teaming Up For Special Features?

Pokemon Go, McDonalds Teaming Up For Special Features?
McDonalds Mike Mozart / Flickr cc
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A number of Redditors have recently discovered a McDonalds logo in the appdata for Pokemon Go, which indicates a possible partnership between the fast food chain and the Pokemon Company. The partnership can be very useful in increasing the flow of customers to their 36,538 outlets around the world.


According to a report by Gizmodo, the sponsorship deal is moving forward with plans to launch the partnership in one country in Asia. However, it is not immediately clear which country it ought to be.

Since the Pokemon franchise was born in Japan, which also headquarters the Pokemon Company, there is a possibility that the new partnership is targeting the land of the rising sun. The delay in the launch of Pokemon Go has, however, caused discontent among the fans in Japan.

Sponsored locations for widescale promotions is a tried and tested business formula for the Niantic. It had partnered with Jamba Juice and popular Japanese convenience chain Lawson among other sponsors for another game, Ingress, for previous promotions before McDonalds teamed up with both Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.

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According to some Redditors, McDonalds are located within nearby walking distance and have WiFi access, which makes it easier for gamers. The decision to launch the partnership in just one country could be a trial promotional scheme, with plans to expand it on a broader scale if it experiences success in the country.

The Comicbook.com reported that McDonalds is already partners with Nintendo and had engaged in promotional activities in the past as well. It has turned its outlets into a “Nintendo Zone” giving Nintendo 3DS players access to free WiFi. In 2015, the Pokemon players had to visit a McDonalds restaurant to get a Hoopa, which is a mythical Pokemon. The fast food chain also gives away Happy Meal Pokemon toys as a part of their promotional strategy.

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