Pokemon GO Losing Popularity: Is The Pokemon GO Plus Still Worth Buying?

Pokemon GO Losing Popularity: Is The Pokemon GO Plus Still Worth Buying?
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It seems that the excitement of catching miniature monsters on your phone has died down leading to the decline of Pokemon GO. With Niantic’s game hemorrhaging users, is it still worth it to buy the newly released Pokemon GO Plus?


Surprisingly yes, the device is a great companion when playing the game. The number of players currently playing is not an issue if you are truly a dedicated Pokemon trainer.

The majority of the players who quit only played because it was the “in” thing to do. After the novelty of being with the trendy crowd was gone, they packed their bags and left.

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As they say goodbye, dedicated players say good riddance as the daily grind of catching and evolving Pokemon weeds out the weak. And if you are among the ones who stayed, the Pokemon GO Plus is a device you cannot live without if you are planning to catch them all.

Costing just $35, it allows you to catch Pokemon and collect items from Pokestops without needing to take out your phone. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth technology and syncs with you account.

But perhaps the best feature of the device is it allows you catch Pokemon without having to take out your phone. When you are near a Pokemon, simply press the blinking button to catch it. Do note that this only works if you caught the same type previously, otherwise you will simply waste a Pokeball.

If you still have doubts here are the pros of cons of the Pokemon Go Plus from Digital Trends:


  • Great way to hatch eggs and rack up stardust
  • Affordable
  • Easy to connect
  • Simple to use
  • Good for hardcore Go players


  • Need a screwdriver to swap between the clip and band
  • Unclear how long battery will last
  • Hard to see the LED outside
  • Disconnects randomly on Android

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  • Jill Y

    Honesty, right after the ban waves cleaning up the game, people are just buying LEGIT catch service from http://www.pokegocatcher.com

    Hand-caught Pokemons with High IV & CP? Hmmm, I wonders…. With more content release with new Pokemons, should we invest in Pokemon GO Plus or rather Catch Service?