Pokemon Go Latest Tips And Tricks: Are You Ready To Play With PokeGOD?

Pokemon Go Latest Tips And Tricks: Are You Ready To Play With PokeGOD?
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Pokemon Go continues to grow even if Niantic has stepped up efforts to ensure that the game is played fairly. That would include discouraging the use of bots and third-party apps to make sure that everyone gets equal chances of snagging the critters and leveling up.


Folks who play the game on the iOS platform are likely to be forced to playing fair with most of the game hacks found on the Android version. But then again, there are some apps that somehow make it through the iTunes scanning process like PokeGOD app.

If such is the case, does this mean that the PokeGOD app is not considered a cheat? Or was it an oversight on the part of the Apple people?

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What is PokeGOD app?

Aside from being a paid app, the PokeGod app is something that is technically a bot in disguise, BGR reported. The app saves “Pokemon Go” players the trouble of walking from one point to the other, taking care of that by setting a pace that can throw off Niantic’s monitoring.

With time saved, the PokeGOD app acts like a bot where the only thing that “Pokemon Go” players have to do is to make sure they have the stuff needed to capture the elusive creatures. With the right settings, players can look forward to some creatures on their PokeDex without budging.

Why is Anobot cleaning its hands?

The presence and potential aid that PokeGOD app offers is a bit sketchy. If taken in perspective, it technically falls in the gray area of being a cheat. But why is Niantic letting it go?

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There is a chance that Niantic may have overlooked this paid app and on that note, using it will be at a Pokemon Go player’s risk. Anobot LLC made it clear that they are not responsible for potential actions done on player accounts.

This alone should serve as a fair warning that avid augmented reality gamers may want to take note of before actually using PokeGOD app available from iTunes.

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