‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors, Release Date And Update: ‘Mewtwo’ Will Eventually Purr

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors, Release Date And Update: ‘Mewtwo’ Will Eventually Purr
Pokémon GOEduardo Woo/ Flickr cc
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The “Pokemon Go” craze continues and at the top of the list are the elusive rare pocket monsters who are pretty tough to find. Among the difficult to pin down is the legendary “Mewtwo”.


Last month, there was the claim that someone had capture the legendary Pokemon. He went as far as to show that on video the play may have backfired. There were a lot of consistencies on the video, including the required XP bonus of 500.

That level is believed to be the required XP level to deal with legendaries such as Mewtwo and eventually catch them. And as one would guess, that claim has now been considered nothing more than a scam.

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When and Where Will Mewtwo Arrive?

With that cheap shot now a thing of the past, “Pokemon Go” players will just have to wait and see when “Mewtwo” will actually be out. There was a trailer showing several players trying to catch “Mewtwo”, leaving an impression that snagging the legendary may require a team effort.

From the looks of it, Niantic Labs could be setting up a special event where “Mewtwo” will make an appearance. There is no actual date for that as of this writing though players picked to participate will likely need to be at a high level.

Eurogamer shares that “Mewtwo” will have a base attack of 284, something important to the gamers aching to get hold of the elusive legendary. But is he fiction or fact?

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With nothing credible, we go to the codes. Game & Guide mentions that “Mewtwo” is actually in the codes meaning he is bound to appear at one point. A single player could get the chance to try and catch him though it will not be easy.

Regardless, the thing here is that “Mewtwo” is up and around. Now if only Niantic would be nice to direct players to him, such will be welcome. Unfortunately that is not bound to happen.

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