‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors, Release Date and Update: Save Those Candies For Gen 2

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors, Release Date and Update: Save Those Candies For Gen 2
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Niantic is expected to roll out Pokemon Go Gen 2 in the next couple of months where most are expecting a lot of new rare critters for the hit augmented reality game.


There are a lot of new pocket monsters expected for Pokemon Go Gen 2 led by “Porygon”. Other 11 rumored Pokemon coming include the likes of “Bellosom”, “Politoed”, “Crobat”, “Slowking”, “Steelix”, “Tyrogue”, “Hitmontop”, “Blissey”, “Kingdra”, “Scizor”, “Espeon”, and “Umbreon”, Pokemon Go Informer reported.

With a wild bunch of Pokemon Go Gen 2 personalities, their evolution comes to mind. To do that, candies will be needed and is something that may be hard to come by.

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Start Hatching Eggs and Walk In Pokemon Go

The easy way to collect candies on Pokemon Go is to get a move on and do a lot of walking. Everyone knows that this is the intent of the game, assuming fair play is done.

Pokemon Go candy will be a prime requirement for the evolutions possible for Gen 2 and Niantic has even offered a great way to do that. This is with reference to the Buddy System now featured though getting candy brings you to the same issue –walk to earn.

This is a feature that hardly gets players to jump up since it returns meager candy for every kilometer walked, Neurogadget reported. That said, Niantic may have just ramped up the challenge with most hoping that candy returns on “Pokemon Go” improve.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 could come as early as March 2017 though Niantic has yet to confirm when it will roll out the next version. Regardless, the directive for most AR gamers right now is to use candies wisely and evolve only sensible creatures.

Hence, wasting Pokemon Go candies on creatures like “Pidgey“, “Rattata” or “Squirtle” may not be a wise idea. Players need to wise up especially if they want to gain better chances at Pokemon Gym battles.

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