‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors And Update: Legendary Critters Popping Up Sponsored Establishments Soon?

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors And Update: Legendary Critters Popping Up Sponsored Establishments Soon?
Pokémon GO Eduardo Woo / Flickr CC
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“Pokemon Go” players are eager to see when the ‘legendaries’ will be out with Niantic still holding out. It is believed that these yet-to-be-spotted critters could be rolled out soon through game updates or maybe even when Gen 2 comes.


Then again there could be another way to spot the legendaries for “Pokemon Go” and this would be through special location.

Apparently Niantic is in talks with several establishments who would be interested in having their places as PokeStops or Gyms, according to French website P-Nintendo. The only catch is that for their place to be considered, they will need to pay up 3,000 EUROS.

Hefty Investment to host spawns.

There is no doubt that shelling out 3,000 EUROS is not as easy as it may seem though it can be viewed more as an investment. Businesses who bit can expect droves of people frequenting their place, translating to potential income from sales.

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Three rares spawning as scheduled by owners.

The selling point comes in the form or “Pokemon Go” legendaries and/ or rares, something that most gamers have been long waiting for. Three rare Pokemon will appear with the business owner having the option to determine when these critters would come out or spawn.

If this report holds up, it should be a major breakthrough for both business and players. The business side has been more or less explained earlier on. As far as players are concerned, this finally satisfies their long craving for rares.

Just imagine finally seeing “Pokemon Go” critters like Mew, MewTwo, Articuno, Moltres or even Elector and a lot of gamers are expected to come rushing in, Eurogamer.net reported. Niantic is rumored to be launching the legendary Pokemon Go next month, along with other features such as PvP battles.

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Niantic has yet to make an official announcement so it would be best to wait and see if any (or all) of these do materialize for the sake of avid “Pokemon Go” gamers.

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