‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: ‘Rares’ Force Netherland Government To Drag Niantic To Court

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: ‘Rares’ Force Netherland Government To Drag Niantic To Court
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There is no question that “Pokemon Go” is a worldwide phenomenon and there is no telling how people would react. A lot would depend on regional cultures and practices but in the case of Netherlands, things seem to have gotten out of hand.


At first, it may seem nothing more than a region failing to keep order on their end. But when the issue is tied up with “Pokemon Go”, Niantic will likely be dragged into the mess. According to reports, it seems that such is the case though one cannot help but ponder on the things that the game developer can possibly do.

Is it Netherlands’ or Niantic’s “Pokemon Go” problem?

Slash Gear reports that Niantic will be dragged to court on Oct. 11 with alleged charges that the “Pokemon Go” developer has put important landmarks in Netherlands in danger. The landmarks in mention are the protected beaches over at Kijkduin, South Holland.

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Other regions have questioned how Niantic defined its spawn points, something that is tied up to Niantic’s Ingress. This happened back in 2011 when the game was launched in beta and obviously there have been a lot of changes and questionable defined spawn points experienced today, Mashable reported.

For its part, Netherlands has been plagued by wild beach goers particularly when rare Pokemon characters appear.

“Fences, which protect the precious dune area from the rest, are pulled out of the ground despite the existing wire. It is among others on the dunes until just before the terraces of Zeehaghe (apartment complex) and [they] disturb the habitat of rabbits, foxes, and other animals,” as translated by Omroepwest.

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The question here is on whether the government over at Netherlands is barking at the right tree. Is the situation that bad that they need to drag Niantic to court? Or is this just their way of getting the “Pokemon Go” developer’s attention.

Netherlands want a partial ban for the game or at least try to relocated the spawn points which can happen when the company rolls out an update. Other than that, the government may want to stiffen its measures to avoid any future wild “Pokemon Go” parties.

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