‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News and Update: Niantic Brainchild Falls Off Shelf

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News and Update: Niantic Brainchild Falls Off Shelf
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“Pokemon Go” may have just seen the start of its end with other games overtaking it as the no. 1 app. Two notable mobile games such as “Mobile Strike” and “Clash Royale” have reportedly dislodged the popular augmented reality game from Niantic with a lot attributed to their management.


“Pokemon Go” is not spared from bugs and gameplay issues which Niantic seems to be forever trying to address. Far from perfect, Niantic did try to tighten up measures by putting its foot down on third-party apps and threatening with account bans.

Fair as that may sound, it may have backfired a bit though that is seen hardly reason for “Pokemon Go” to falter. Other than that, the fact that Niantic continues to hold back on the ultimate goal of filling up a gamer’s PokeDex is also questionable.

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Is there a means to an end on “Pokemon Go”?

Some reports single out the fact that “Pokemon Go” doesn’t have an actual end as a reason. This claim may not be that reasonable considering other games like “Clash Royale” or even “Mobile Strike” follow the same thing.

Hence, it all boils down to gameplay. One thing that most want is to see the Legendary creatures on “Pokemon Go”. That includes MewTwo, Zapdos, and Articuno, critters that players believe are not actually present in the game.

Understandably, rolling them out may somehow defeat the purpose of a “Pokemon Go” player’s journey though Niantic could always resort to some twist to alleviate that.

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Special events for rares?

Even though John Hanke claims that the “Pokemon Go” rares are in the game, the fact is no one has credibly found them, not even nearby sightings. The belief is that they have been reserved for special events which will be limited to players with corresponding XP levels.

According to Eurogamer, that may possibly happen in Times Square, New York but even that may not be enough to raise Niantic’s fortunes. Will “Pokemon Go” eventually get back on top in the app charts? It all falls into the hands of Niantic Labs and its team of developers.

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