‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News And Update: End Of Bot Use Imminent With Upcoming Captcha Security Feature

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News And Update: End Of Bot Use Imminent With Upcoming Captcha Security Feature
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Niantic Labs continues to find way to level the playing field on Pokemon Go as some players continue to cheat their way up using third-party apps and bots.


Much covers tracking and how to automate Pokemon Go. Tracking has been addressed thanks to previous patches that have rolled out and up next are bot use.

The new measures for Pokemon Go will reportedly see Captcha security to address exploits by hackers. With the security code, Pokemon Go accounts will need to be actually managed by actual people to address automated play that is technically a violation of the game’s terms of service.

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Cheaters Persist

Despite Niantic’s best efforts of banning players caught cheating, such has not forced most to play fairly. A lot of this is tied up to bot and illegal Pokemon tracking features, which will hopefully be addressed by the upcoming security feature.

The Captcha feature is actually a simple method that properly authenticates accounts from the ones on macro. Eventually, bots and third-party trackers will be blocked from Pokemon Go.

How long will Captcha security be effective?

Needing to undergo the usual Captcha verification measures is common for most sites. It lessens spam when making comments and also during registration sign ups.

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For Pokemon Go, hackers will have to find a way to work around the shield though it doesn’t seem like an easy task. One hacker admits that the measure will be hard to overcome. Steven Bartell, a renowned hacker, lauded the new feature and believes that this will truly make the game fair for everyone.

The new feature is not yet in effect but a ramped up measure that may thwart exploiters and hackers soon. It remains to be seen if the authentic high-ranked Pokemon Go players will still be around after that is done.

Either way, the fair playing Pokemon Go players will remain while the exploiters will need some other way to get around the popular augmented reality game.

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