‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date And Update: ReCaptchas Turning Off Players With Improper Prompts

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date And Update: ReCaptchas Turning Off Players With Improper Prompts
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Niantic has been quietly releasing updates for “Pokemon Go” though many are more concerned on the major changes tied up to Gen 2. The “Catch Bonuses” are already out though the reCaptchas added have slowly made the game irritating.


While the whole essence of the reCaptcha is to fend off bots and trackers, the manner of figuring out which “Pokemon Go” players are actually cheating or playing fairly is once again in the air, Business Insider reported. For the ones leaving the app on while they are on the move, the reCaptchas have been appearing more often and becoming a nuisance.

Will captchas be shunned in Gen 2?

Unfortunately the reCaptchas seem to be failing and there is word that they may eventually be recalled for improvement. Some trackers are still getting past them, the main purpose of integrating them in the first place. Niantic may want to fix tracking before applying the annoying reCaptcha codes.

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Among the things Niantic needs to address is offering a reliable tracking system for “Pokemon Go”. This one default feature that has yet to gain raves and now many are wondering on the direction that game developers are headed.

With the latest security update for “Pokemon Go”, third party software have been locked out. In a manner of speaking, this has only made things worse which could lead to possibly seeing the APIs being recalled, Forbes reported.

Could it return on “Pokemon Go” Gen 2, assuming that the new software update follows in the coming months? There is a big possibility though most players would want to see Niantic address the actual game flaws before worrying about the cheats that many have been resorting to.

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The problem with the reCaptcha is no different from the questionable manner that Niantic does in banning players. The company and its team of developers seem to be have gone astray and may eventually lead to player decline if they continue moving in the wrong path.

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