Pokemon GO Generation 2: Legendary Pokemon, New Features From Update Revealed

Pokemon GO Generation 2: Legendary Pokemon, New Features From Update Revealed
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Niantic Labs is aware that “Pokemon Go” may have reached its peak, seeing a decline since the game came out. With daily user count going down, such could be attributed to several factors.


One of those may be because Niantic has tightened up its belt to crack down on cheaters, while others may be dismayed with the recurring creatures spotted. The lack of new features could be another issue, which places “Pokemon Go” in a pretty tough spot.

The goal of most is to level up and get the chance to net the legendary creatures like “Mewtwo” and “Articuno” the problem is that spotting them is easier said than done.

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Much of that could happen in the recently released “Pokemon Go” generation 2 patch, something that allegedly comes with codes hinting at trading and legendary character features.

Trading is something best known to the Pokemon trading card before so it makes a lot of sense to see it applied to the augmented reality game. But the question right now is how Niantic can possibly integrate it and make the game interesting to those who have walked away.

“Trades” and “Rares” are coming

Some folks over at Reddit have gone as far as analyzing the codes. They took note of breadcrumbs like “Trade_search” and “Trade_offer,” which could be a sign of things to come. The key word here is “trade” and if taken the right way, may be the sign of things to come.

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But other than that, it may take more from Niantic’s end to cover up the 30% decline in mid-July as reported by Bloomberg. Apparently most are still occupied with catching the pocket monsters but seeing the same ones like Pidgeys and Rattatas could douse their interest.

More updates are expected from Niantic for “Pokemon Go.” They did address the exploits and laid down a big one with the reported planned bans. Now it may be time to make the game interesting once more starting with rare character sightings and trade features.

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