‘Pokémon Go’ Cheats, Tricks, Hacks & Tips: Get More PokeBalls With GPS Spoofing, Faking Location

‘Pokémon Go’ Cheats, Tricks, Hacks & Tips: Get More PokeBalls With GPS Spoofing, Faking Location
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Less than a week after Pokémon Go released worldwide, players have already found loopholes in the game, which can be exploited to gain unfair advantages over opponents. One cheat involves faking the GPS coordinates on smartphones so that users can go to any location without taking a single step.


GPS spoofing allows players to search and capture Pokémon without leaving the comforts of their home. The cheat also lets sedentary players virtually visit Poké Shops and Gyms.

According to the Pokémon Go subredditGPS spoofing can be achieved by using a software tool, known as a rootkit, to take control of a smartphone’s operating system. It also involves the installation of a third-party app that tweaks the user’s GPS location.

As of the moment, GPS spoofing only works on Android devices. Players on Android can try the cheat by navigating through their smartphone’s Settings menu. Search for the Developer options and check Allow Mock Locations.

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Next, Android users should download Fake Location Spoofer on Google Play. After installing the app, head over to Location settings and tick GPS only under the Mode menu. This allows players to select any location on the map.

“Make sure you change locations at a human speed. There is a setting at the bottom that automatically moves location randomly,” one subreddit user advised. “Set the distance to something small so you move as if you were running (maybe a bit faster) and just leave your phone on to gain [kilometers].”

Despite its inherent convenience, GPS spoofing removes the essence and thrill Pokémon Go. The game’s main selling point is the discovery and exploration of various locations to capture different kinds of Pokémon. Pokémon Go is also meant to be a social affair in which players meet new friends, join conventions or trade Pokémon.

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