‘Pokemon Go’ UK: Terrorists’ Next Weapon?

‘Pokemon Go’ UK: Terrorists’ Next Weapon?
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While the UK rejoices the launch of the most talked about gaming app in the current times, ‘Pokemon Go’ in their country, there are concerns that the app can be used for terrorism!


The NSPCC is not happy with the release of “Pokemon Go” UK because of the fact that the app has ignored a number of safety measures that is vital to ensure the safety of the young players. And it does not help that the game is as addictive as a game can get, meaning that kids are more likely to spend most hours of the day online playing it.

Pokemon Go Unsafe For Kids

Being an “augmented reality” game, the Pokemon Go app invites people to explore the world and catch different Pokemons that pop up at different locations around the country. While this might sound like fun, it also means that kids will be looking at their mobile screens instead of their surroundings no matter where they are.

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This includes the times they are crossing the street or driving their car on a highway, increasing the chances of getting into accidents.

While the makers of the game, Niantic, have hinted that the Pokemons are more likely to be located in open spaces such as parks, parking lots and so on, gamers have discovered that in order to find some specific Pokemons, they do need to take a trip to a nearby lake or beach.

Pokemon Go Can Be Used By Terrorists

NSPCC has further stated that the geo-tagging feature used by “Pokemon Go” can lead terrorists and sex offenders to hack the app and lure kids into certain locations of their choosing. Moreover, the growing craze of this app has led to strange gatherings of people in different parts of the city, which can get really confusing for the police.

“Last night four youths acting suspiciously in the town centre #burystedmunds ended up that they were playing #PokemonGO at 2 in the morning,” wrote a policeman on Twitter, reports Independent.

Pokemon Go Launched In UK

However, despite the safety concerns, more and more people seem to be enjoying “Pokemon Go”. The app was officially released in UK this week, reports BBC.

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