‘Pokemon Go’ Apple Watch App: How To Catch Pokemon, Features And Limitations

‘Pokemon Go’ Apple Watch App: How To Catch Pokemon, Features And Limitations
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With “Pokemon Go” Apple Watch App, one spin PokeStops and hatch eggs all without opening their mobile phones!


Isn’t it time-consuming to open your phone and check the “Pokemon Go” app every time you are out hunting Pokemon or walking to cover enough distance to hatch one of your eggs? With “Pokemon Go” Apple Watch App, one can do all this without having to rely on their mobile phones.

Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke announced during Apple’s keynote on September 7 that the Apple Watch, which already works as a heath app for people, informing about how many steps they have walked in a day, is going to additionally record how much distance someone has covered in order to hatch eggs on “Pokemon Go”.

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There a number of other features that can be included on the Apple Watch, if one downloads the “Pokemon Go” Apple Watch App, reports Heavy:

  • Alerting the player of the availability of a wild Pokemon nearby.
  • 3 nearest Pokemon that are on the top of the “Sightings” list will get featured on the Apple Watch screen.
  • The Player will be notified of any nearby PokeStops or if one happens to pass one by.
  • Swiping the Apple Watch screen will let the player collect items from the PokeStop.
  • One might even be able to train one’s Pokemon once the “Pokemon Go” Buddy system launches, reports Forbes.

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“Pokemon Go” Apple Watch App Limitations

However, there are a number of limitations of “Pokemon Go” Apple Watch App. There are aspects of the game that cannot be handled by the Apple Watch and one has to physically access the game on one’s mobile phone to accomplish them:

  • One cannot really capture a Pokemon by throwing a Pokeball on Apple Watch.
  • One cannot select an egg for hatching it without opening the app on one’s phone.
  • Fighting and taking over Pokemon Gyms is exclusive to mobiles only.
  • Evolving a Pokemon cannot be done without one’s mobile devices.

In addition to these, one also needs to access the “Pokemon Go” app on one’s mobile in order to install any new updates or versions of the app.

However, not having to open the app to check every little alert or notification for the game will surely save a lot of phone battery, allowing players to venture out more and play for longer hours.

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