Pokemon Go Allows Gamers To Play In The Real World

Pokemon Go Allows Gamers To Play In The Real World
Pokemon Lydia / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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The Pokemon Company announced that it will be creating a new game in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic – which disintegrated from Google after the Alphabet conglomeration, and – called Pokemon Go. Niantic is highly popular for its augmented reality exploration game Ingress.


As reported by Kotaku, designer Junichi Masuda said, “The day has finally come when Pokémon appear in the real world.

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In addition, Nintendo is also designing a smartwatch device called Pokemon Go Plus, which is being created specifically to allow users to participate in the gaming world by eliminating the overhead of staring at one’s phone all day. When one approaches a Pokemon in the real world, the device will vibrate and light up to notify the user. The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said that he and late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata had been working on Pokemon Go for two years.

Pokemon began as a game for Game Boy in 1996. Since then, it has spawned numerous television shows, movies and trading cards. Today, it is regarded as the second most successful game in the world.

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Pokemon Go makes way into the iOS and Android market in 2016. While the game will be available for a free download, the pricing for the Pokemon Go Plus has not been set.

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