Pocket Tries Out Beta Features, Introduces Recommendations

Pocket Tries Out Beta Features, Introduces Recommendations
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If you are one of many Internet users who use Pocket to save webpages for later reading, you might want to join the program’s beta test to gain access to new features.


Pocket, one of the most well-known programs used to save pages you want to read at another time, is introducing a new Recommendation feature, which helps users discern among popular posts and new posts.

Founder of the company, Nate Weiner, lamented in a blog post how short the lifespan of great content are nowadays. With the huge amount of new materials being published every second, the older ones with higher quality tend to get pushed down the bottom of the pile.

According to him, the new Recommendation feature will help remedy the so-called expiration dates of great content.

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“Recommendations live alongside your List, and will surface the top content from the billions of items saved to Pocket, based on what you already save, read, watch and share.”

How To Join Pocket Public Beta

Android users are required to join the Google+ community of Pocket, then access the beta. iOS users need to access this page to get to the beta testing phase. PC users simply have to login to their accounts. Those with existing accounts such as Mozilla Firefox users will be automatically joined to the beta.