Please Find Azam, Syrian Refugee Kid With Fractured Jaw

Please Find Azam, Syrian Refugee Kid With Fractured Jaw
Photo from John Sweeney Twitter

Netizens are now doing their best to share pictures of Azam, a 5-year-old Syrian refugee kid howling in pain because of a broken and infected jaw. He was brought by a man who falsely claimed to be his father. Their pictures are now being shared with the hashtag find #FindAzam.


Azam was first seen by BBC Panorama journalist John Sweeney in Serbia. In a Serbia refugee camp, Sweeney saw 13 men of which one of them was carrying Azam on his shoulder. Azam had a black eye and swollen jaw. According to the man who claimed to be his father, Azam was hit by a car in Macedonia. This man showed Sweeney the X-rays of Azam’s jaws. The man stressed that his jaw was not broken.

Sweeney is traveling a 1,300-mile trail from Turkey to Hungary with the refugees. In Belgrade, Sweeney had once again seen Azam. This time, Azam was already “howling with pain,” Sweeney wrote. According to a Serb medic who was treating Azam, his broken jaw is now severely infected. An Arabic translator later told Sweeney that the man with him is not his father but an uncle.

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The uncle then appeared from somewhere, approached Azam and told everyone they could not wait for Azam to be treated in the hospital. When medical team pressed him, he told them “What’s it to you?”

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The Serbs medic was unyielding and had Azam brought at the hospital. However, when BBC called the hospital and asked for Azam, he vanished together with his uncle.

Watch the BBC Panorama’s video of Azam here. WARNING: EXTREMELY DISTRESSING CONTENT. Please click for more of Azam’s photo if you wish to share across social media.

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