PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2016 List: Resident Evil HD For PS4, Mad Riders For PS3, Code Realize For PS Vita

PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2016 List: Resident Evil HD For PS4, Mad Riders For PS3, Code Realize For PS Vita
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Sony is taking PlayStation Plus members a trip down memory lane with next month’s free games list. Spearheading the pack is Resident Evil HD, which will be offered for PS4.


The remastered version of the hit 1996 survival horror game released in January 2015. It features new control options, improved high-definition graphics and support for widescreen gameplay.

Kevin VanOrd of Game Spot commended the game for its puzzle-driven exploration and consistent visual upgrades.  The limited camera angles do more good than bad. It allows gamers to get the most out of every scene.

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“There’s a beautiful simplicity to Resident Evil HD that serves as a reminder that the best mysteries don’t need convoluted stories to be enthralling,” VanOrd explained. “Later Resident Evil games would add more viruses and unnecessary subplots, but the original allows that menacing mansion to do most of the talking.”

PlayStation Plus members on PS4 will also be treated to Transformers: Devastation. Fans of the popular Sci-Fi franchise will be duly entertained with this 2015 hack and slash title.

According to PlayStation Blog, gamers can expect fast-paced action and a rewarding combat system. The cast of playable characters include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Grimlock and Sideswipe.

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Transformers: Devastation is a mechanical slugfest split up into seven chapters. Gamers earn credit and new weapons by accomplishing specific in-game tasks. They will be ranked based on their overall performance.

PS3 owners will receive Mad Riders and From Dust. The former is an all-terrain vehicle racing game published by Ubisoft. The latter is a mystical extravaganza featuring shamans, totems and supernatural powers. Lastly, PS Vita users will get Actual Sunlight and Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~.

Subscription to PlayStation Plus bumped up last week to $59.99 for the year-round membership.  The three-month membership now costs $24.99.

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