PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2016 Could Include ‘Evil Within’ and ‘Resident Evil 6’ for PS4?

PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2016 Could Include ‘Evil Within’ and ‘Resident Evil 6’ for PS4?
Sony Increases PS Plus Prices In Certain CountriesBago Games / Flickr cc

PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect a host of awesome free games for the month of July. Among the possible freebies is Tango Gamework’s third-person psychological survival horror game “The Evil Within.”


Sony is currently offering the game for free on PlayStation Plus in Japan. Many tech pundits believe it won’t be long until the 2014 cult-classic will be offered for free in the United States.

Adding fuel to the prediction, This Gen Gaming noted that a follow-up to “The Evil Within” might be announced at E3 2016. The 2-year-old game could be offered for free in July to prep fans for its upcoming sequel.

“The Evil Within” was met with generally positive reviews following its release in October 2014. The game received 4 out of 5 stars from Meta Critic while IGN gave it a 8.7 out of 10 rating.

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“My favorite parts of ‘The Evil Within’ were exploring these environments, watching them morph around me, avoiding traps and searching for secrets within them,” said Polygon game reviewer Philip Kollar. “The game also encourages and rewards thorough explorers with more of that ever-rare ammo, plus green goo that the main character uses to progress in the game’s well-developed skill upgrade system.”

Other AAA titles that could be included in Sony’s free games roster for July are “Resident Evil 6” and Ubisoft’s critically-acclaimed open-world shooter “Watch Dogs.” Both games have had their sequels announced just this month.

Sony’s freebies often included mini games and low-budget indie titles. That all changed earlier this month when the tech giant decided to offer free copies of “NBA 2K16” and “Gone Home: Console Edition” for $0. Now, many are expecting Sony to up the ante for the month of July.

If you wish to be a member of PlayStation Plus and avail of all its perks and services, simply navigate through the function screen on PlayStation Store and purchase the PlayStation Plus subscription. A 3-month subscription is worth $18 while a 12-month subscription will set you back $50.

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  • Matthew Lowery

    Don’t count on it.

  • Jeff Hawkins

    i dont even bother with the free games because there all a joke. they put the most stupidest games up.

  • Game Master Society

    Sony puts one recent AA title up (yes, I said AA because having tried NBA 2K16, I immediately deleted it because of a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it sucked), and people are expecting them to put something even better up next month? HA! Somebody hasn’t been paying attention to the past 2 years (that I know of).