PlayStation Network Status: PSN Service Back To Normal

PlayStation Network Status: PSN Service Back To Normal
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PlayStation Network was down for a few hours, but it has finally returned. It is surprising how Sony did not face any issue during the holiday season, as players made the most out of their free time and a wide number of offers. When players tried to sign in to the PS Network, they were given a message stating that the service is down for maintenance.


When PlayStation Network encountered these problems, one of the dedicated PS Twitter pages @AskPlayStation tweeted, “We’re aware that some users are having trouble accessing PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.” A link to Network Service Status page was also provided. On this page, a few services are listed under the heading, “Some services are experiencing issues.” Which are these services?

  1. Account Management
  2. Gaming and Social
  3. PlayStation Video
  4. PlayStation Store
  5. PlayStation Now
  6. PlayStation Music
  7. PlayStation Vue

The latest tweet reads, “We are still working on resolving today’s issues with PSN. Thanks for your continued patience.” The reason behind the outage is still not known. But if The Verge is to be believed, “In 2011, the PlayStation Network’s security was compromised, leading to a 23-day outage.” Can the case be the same this time? PlayStation 4 has been hacked to run Linux, by the way. If PlayStation Network was down due to security issues just like last time, let’s hope for the best.

Keep watching this space for more updates on PlayStation Network Status.

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