PlayStation 4 Neo Features, Specs & More Details Leaked Online

PlayStation 4 Neo Features, Specs & More Details Leaked Online
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Sony has an upcoming new game console in the PlayStation 4 Neo, something that many are already aware of. The specs for the device have already been teased. And now an alleged documentation of the device has popped up.


A document tied up to the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo surfaced via Scribd, something believed to be the same one said to be leaked to select members of the press. It lists down the high-end specifications in a 42-page document along with specifics on how developers can submit supported games from August.

New 3.74 PlayStation 4 Neo system update

Curiously, the document also reveals a new system update set for release this July. The first Neo test kits were released last April/May while a worldwide availability is set for June-July. The said test kits will need to be returned to Sony by 2017, the time when mass produced units will allegedly start rolling out.

Worth noting in the document is that the dates mentioned are speculative. Hence, there could be changes forthcoming or the releases are inaccurate.

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PlayStation 4 Neo to auto detect TV resolution

One thing that most fans are expecting is the fine graphical renders that the PS4 Neo will be offering. The document claims that the console will be able to auto detect the resolution of the player’s TV and output to establish the appropriate buffer.

This means that depending on the screen display in use, the console can automatically determine if it is 1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160. It does the trick through the aid of a “checkerboard rendering” whenever a 4K TV is connected according to Video Gamer.

Slash Gear notes that the two consoles will co-exist in the marketplace. This means that the PS4 and PS4.5. The PS4 Neo will be offered via the same and with the same apps, software and the same online community as the PS4.

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