Plans For iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus Unveiled By Australian Telcos

Plans For iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus Unveiled By Australian Telcos
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Pre-orders and price plans for the newly launched Apple iPhones, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, have been announced by Australia’s mobile phone retailers. The new iPhones will be available in stores beginning September 25.


According to The Australian, the iPhone 6s – with features including a 3D Touch, 4K video recording and a 64-bit A9 chip – will be available directly via Apple for $1,079 for the 16GB edition; $1,229 for 64GB edition; and $1,379 for the 128GB edition. The iPhone 6s Plus – with a longer lasting battery life and a 5.5 inch screen – will be available for $1,229 for 16GB edition; $1,379 for 64GB edition; and $1,529 for the 128GB edition.

Australia’s telcos, however, are offering the new iPhones are differently priced data plans.

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As reported by Sydney Morning Herald, Telstra announced that it will offer a 1GB bonus data package for users opting for a $95 Go Mobile two-year contract, which will increase the plan to 6GB worth of data per month. Users on a $135 per month plan will receive an extra 5GB worth of data, increasing the data quota to 15GB. The gold-plated Premium Mobile plan will include 9GB worth of extra data per month, bringing the total data to 25GB, for $195 a month. For the 16GB iPhone 6s, Telstra’s lowest-tier plan is priced at $87 per month, which includes 1GB of data per month over a period of two years.

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There are additional complimentary one-year and two-year Apple Music subscriptions for both prepaid and postpaid plans. Moreover, as part of the “New Phone Feeling” offer, users are also provided the facility to trade in their older phones, provided they are at least 12 months into the contract, for a new one at a price of $149.

At Optus, a $94 a month two-year plan will offer 6GB data. The $108 plan will offer an additional 2GB data, upping the total to 12GB; and the $135 plan will offer an additional 4GB worth of data, increasing the total to 20GB, and free international roaming calls and texts.

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Vodafone’s low-tier plan for 16GB iPhone 6s, priced at $79, provides 1GB worth of data. On the other hand, Virgin Australia is offering 16GB iPhone 6s at $61 a month with 300MB data on a two-year contract. The 128MB iPhone 6s Plus is available at $112 a month with 6GB data.

According to a Vodafone/Galaxy research conducted in July last year, 25 percent of Australians upgrade their phones within 18 months of purchasing. Fifty percent of smartphone users upgrade their phones every two or three years.

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