Planned Parenthood President Dismisses Allegations, Finds Support From Pink

Planned Parenthood President Dismisses Allegations, Finds Support From Pink
Anti-abortion protest at Planned Parenthood Fibonacci Blue / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Planned Parenthood has been accused of misusing and selling “fetal tissue” from abortions performed in their clinics. The same was documented in a number of undercover and edited videos released over the last few weeks by the Center for Medical Progress.


Allegations not true, Richards says

The allegations have been dismissed by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. She said that what the organization was being blamed for is not true.

In a statement, Richards said, “The allegation that Planned Parenthood profits in any way from tissue donation is not true.”

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She further said that Planned Parenthood conforms to the law when donating tissue to research facilities.

‘I have never done a job where people weren’t pissed off at me’

Republicans have been advocating anti-abortion drives through state governments in Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio and the Senate. According to E! Online, the Republicans are calling for the government to cut more than $500 million the organization receives in federal funding each year.

Abortions formed three percent of Planned Parenthood’s medical practices in 2014.

“I have never done a job where people weren’t pissed off at me,” Richards said, as reported by Jezebel.

“I grew up in Texas—what can I say? My dad was a civil rights lawyer and defended conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War. My mother was involved in the farm workers movement.”

She added, “I just grew up used to being in the center of some social justice movement that not everyone was supporting.”

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Amid the controversy, Planned Parenthood has found support in the 35-year-old singer, Pink.

Pink has a 4-year-old daughter, Willow Hart.

‘No financial benefit’ from fetal tissue donation

Planned Parenthood’s vice president of communications said that the tissues that the organization donates for aiding scientific research are obtained through “full, appropriate consent” “under the highest ethical and legal standards.”

“There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or for Planned Parenthood,” she said.

“In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field.”

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