Plane With Skeleton Is MH370, Maintains Mom Of Teen Who Discovered Debris

Plane With Skeleton Is MH370, Maintains Mom Of Teen Who Discovered Debris
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Siti Kayyam, the mother of the Filipino teen who claimed to have found the missing MH370 with a pilot’s skeleton in the Philippines, maintained that her son is right even with many authorities dismissing the claim. The mother said she remembered an unusual incident in March of 2014 where she heard a loud bang in the island.


“I remember sometime last year we were sleeping, the whole village, when suddenly the whole island shook, the hills were shaking violently. We rushed out of our houses. We thought it was an earthquake or tsunami. But everything was silent except the sea. No fire. No booming sound,” Kayyam said as quoted by The Express.

Kayyam said that out of curiosity, her 13-year-old son and his friends, checked the remains of the plane. The group saw two bodies, still strapped to their chairs, wearing hats and wired to their radio. One of the men, her son said, was wearing a uniform like that of a soldier.

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“They followed the pungent smell to the back where they saw bodies, a lot of bodies, some with flesh, some just skeletons, naked and some with clothes on. One of them saw a piece of cloth outside on the ground and he just grabbed it and ran away with the other two boys. They said the body of the plane looked like white but not sure because it was dark,” the mother went about telling.

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“Raik went near the body of one of the pilots on the right and he tried to take off the hat but the flesh on the man’s jaw fell off. Like melted. I believe him because he’s just a boy. He doesn’t know how to lie. We adults, we lie, but not children. And the flag was the evidence,” the mother said, adding that her son brought home a Malaysian flag that smelled of corpse after the discovery.

According to The Star Online, a Malaysian new site, authorities from the Philippines have already denied the report. Captain Giovanni Carlo Bacordo, commander of Naval Task Force 61 of The Armed Forces of the Philippines, ruled out the that the debris of the missing Mh370 was found on one of the islands in the southern Philippines.

Bacordo told The Star Online that they deployed a gunboat in Tawi-Tawi, where the report circulated, but found nothing. They have also interviewed the people who have been living on the island for years but no one told them about discovering plane wreckage.

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