Plan Your Valentine’s Day Dinner With White Castle, Waffle House

Plan Your Valentine’s Day Dinner With White Castle, Waffle House
Photo Credit: michellecarl via Compfight cc
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Have you already planned your Valentine’s Day dinner? If not, you can check out Waffle House, which offers a romantic meal for the 9th year in a row. Also, White Castle is offering the 25th annual Valentine’s Day dinner at “all Love Castles.”


The Waffle House promised “white tablecloths … truckloads of candles and craft tailored menus.”

On the other hand, White Castle usually goes for fast food service, but that is not going to be the case for Valentine’s Day. There are 41 White Castle restaurants in Michigan, of which only six will not be participating in the special plan for the day.

White Castle regional manager Mason Wolf said, “Our general managers do a fantastic job of decorating the dining rooms.” He added, “The dining room, the mood they set, each has a unique take on the experience, with a wide range of ideas. I was at a location one year where one of our general managers played the violin all night to serenade the couples.”

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Wolf also stated, “During our Valentine’s Day dinners, we get a lot of couples, of course, but we also get a lot of family get-togethers,” adding, “because it was a lifelong love affair with White Castle that brought the families together.”

If you want your reservations done before they run out, you can check this out. Your Valentine’s Day dinner will be a remarkable one.