This Place Turns Bagels Into Rainbows

This Place Turns Bagels Into Rainbows
From The Bagel Store / Twitter

They’re bagels that bring color to your world. Take a bite out of the Rainbow Bagel and have a psychedelic start to your day!


Scot Rossillo is the man behind The Bagel Store in New York. It’s safe to say that he’s crazy about bagels. He has loved bagels his entire life, having grown right behind a local bagel shop, Bake City Bagels. He proudly calls himself “The World’s Premier Bagel Artist,” and he says his mission is to “bless bagel lovers from around the globe with my personal creations.”

Rossillo’s many renditions of the Rainbow Bagel is more than just a personal creation. It’s more like an edible art. There’s a kaleidoscope of colors found on each of these bagels, and everyday, The Bagel Store bakers work hard to mix different colors of bagel dough to prepare eye-catching treats.

In fact, these guys don’t stop at making a standard rainbow bagel; they even let customers join in on the bagel fun, too. Rossillo is proud to bake “custom works of bagel art” for any occasion or event, be it a simple business meeting or a lavish birthday party.

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Where there are colorful bagels, there is also a wide range of flavorful cream cheese to go with them. If you’re thinking of trying the Rainbow Bagel, why not get the Birthday Cake (Funfetti) Cream Cheese? There’s also other kinds of sweet and savory cream cheese flavors, including Cannoli, Maple Walnut, Jalapeño, Nutella, Spinach Artichoke as well as the Tomato, Bacon, Scallion.

Since this is a full-fledged bagel store, there are, of course, your usual kinds of bagels: plain, poppy, sesame, onion, buttery garlic and everything. For something a little more special, you might also want to try The Bagel Store’s cragels. That’s a bagel and croissant combined to become one unique breakfast treat.

The Rainbow Bagel sells for $3.95 a piece, while the cream cheese spreads start at $3.70. The Bagel Store can be found in 349 Bedford Avenue and 754 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn.