Pittsburgh Steelers Stun San Diego Chargers On Last-Second TD, 24-20

Pittsburgh Steelers Stun San Diego Chargers On Last-Second TD, 24-20
Photo Credit: Erin Costa via Compfight cc
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The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a prayer to bail them out against the San Diego Chargers. Five seconds to go, down by three points and the ball inside the 1.


In their previous game, against the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers refused to give the ball to Le’Veon Bell to win during overtime. On Monday night, they entrusted Bell with one shot to win or lose.

Bell took the direct snap, ran left and was buried in traffic before diving for the end zone and transporting the ball on the other side of the line as Donald Butler chased him.

Bell had scored on a one-yard wildcat run as time expired, giving Mike Vick and the Steelers a stunning 24-20 victory.

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“’I got to get it in,” Bell said when asked his thought process. “We still had a timeout left. I was thinking we still have a timeout left, so I’m thinking, ‘OK, maybe if I get stopped, maybe run like four seconds off and get a timeout and we could kick a field goal. I wanted to end the game right there.”

Meanwhile, the clock inexplicably ran for 18 seconds after a kickoff went out of the end zone. The NFL is yet to comment on this latest controversy.

Incidentally, the Steelers had one timeout left, and the team thought they would have enough time to run a play and, if he did not get in, call timeout. “I saw the D-line kind of slant to the inside,” said Bell.

It was bad enough for the Chargers that fans were outnumbered in their stadium by fans of the Steelers. Thousands of Pittsburgh fans began waving the patented Terrible Towels.

Steelers improved to 3-2. San Diego dropped to 2-3.

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