Piotr Malachowski Facts, Photos: Olympian Sold Rio Medal To Help Cancer Kid

Piotr Malachowski Facts, Photos: Olympian Sold Rio Medal To Help Cancer Kid
Po wtorkowym zwycięstwie w Cetniewie Piotr Malachowski / Facebook

Polish discus thrower and Rio Olympic silver medalist, Piotr Malachowski, proved that having a big heart and humanity is more important than being a cherished sportsperson.


When one has dedicated a lifetime to preparing for the Olympics and come out with a silver medal in one’s hand, it is almost impossible to part with the shiny souvenir that represents the fruit of one’s efforts.

However, for Piotr Malachowski, the decision to give up the silver medal that he won in 2016 Rio Olympics for a much greater cause was not difficult at all.

A woman wrote to Malachowski, asking for financial aid to save her 3-year old son, Olek Szymanski, who had been diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer (retinoblastoma). To get him treated by some of the top ophthalmologists in NYC would cost around $126,000, an amount too great for her to bear alone.

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Even though Malachowski barely knew the woman, he immediately got in contact with a local charitable foundation called Siepomaga and managed to raise $84,000, reports CBS.

In order to cover the rest of the cost, Malachowski put up an auction on social media for the silver medal that he had recently won in the 2016 Rio Olympics for Discus Throw.

Luckily, two billionaires Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk took notice of his humanitarian efforts and proposed to buy his silver medal in exchange for funding the entire treatment of the child suffering from cancer.

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Piotr Malachowski Facts

Find out more about the incredible Piotr Malachowski below:

  • Malachowski was born June 7 1983 in Żuromin.
  • He is a husband and a father to a 2 and a half year boy, Henryk Jerzy, reports IAAF.
  • Before his latest silver medal in the Rio Olympics, he had won 2 Olympic silver medals back in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Malachowski also stood second in 2009 IAAF Golden League Berlin, Germany, reports Sussle.
  • He managed to win a silver medal at 2009 World Championships in Berlin, despite having competed with a broken finger.
  • In 2010 he snatched the first position from his long time rival, Gerd Kanter, at Golden Gala, IAAF Diamond League.
  • He followed it up by a back-to-back victory in the same year at the British Grand Prix.
  • He holds the record of the fifth longest discus throw (71.84 metres)
  • On 13 August 2016, Malachowski, won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, the medal which was destined to achieve far greater things than just sit in a display case.

The reaction to Piotr Malachowski’s good deed on social media has been huge. Fans have gathered to praise the true hero-spirit of the Olympian on Facebook and Twitter:

“Absolute hero…. this is the type of champion I am inspired by.”

“one word!!! wow you are a real HERO!!!!!!”

“You deserve more than a Silver Medal…what you have done is give someone a chance to live a rewarding life…you are a true HERO in my book”

Piotr Malachowski Photos


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