Pia Miller And Jeremy Lindsay Taylor Shares Steamy Kiss On ‘Home And Away’

Pia Miller And Jeremy Lindsay Taylor Shares Steamy Kiss On ‘Home And Away’
The Kiss, USS Midway and Sunset peasap / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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“Home and Away” is steaming up the small screen yet again. Pia Miller has yet again planted a steamy kiss on the lips of her new co-star on the show, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor. The duo was spotted on Palm Beach sharing an intimate kiss, needless to say, for the camera.


While the real-life husband of Pia Miller is not too keen on seeing his wife kiss other men, the lady seemed to be quite comfortable. The detective is her latest in this respect on the show. This is not the first time, though, the lady kissed someone on the screen.

Pia, 31, is an Australian supermodel who plays policewoman Katarina Chapman. She looked absolutely stunning in her morning run costume on the beach. The white T-shirt, the navy shorts and matching white cap gave her the appeal that would drive men crazy.

Jeremy will play detective Dylan Carter in the show. He was earlier seen playing Australia’s most notorious criminal, Norman Bruhn, in “Underbelly.” He is actually quite excited about his role in “Home and Away,” and as he puts it, “Detective Dylan Carter has come from the city, he has a connection to the town and a lot goes on in this little town which we all know. He is going to be kept pretty busy.”

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Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, the 41-year-old actor, was spotted in a suit and though their outfits look abrupt they looked completely in sync while kissing each other. The “Home and Away” newcomer was holding a glass of drink while planting the kiss.

At one point, Pia planted her hand so strongly on her man that it looked like she was pushing him away; the next moment, she was all over him. Pia was playing with her T-shirt, giving beach-goers a glance of her abs.

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