Photos Of Hannah Spooner: Teen Woman Who’s Giving Away A Year’s Supply Of Pizza To The Homeless After Winning Them

Photos Of Hannah Spooner: Teen Woman Who’s Giving Away A Year’s Supply Of Pizza To The Homeless After Winning Them
Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pizza Instagram

What would you do if you had won a year’s supply of pizza? For one teenage woman with an amazing heart, she’s chosen to give it all way.


Hannah Spooner is a carefree 19-year old from Livonia, Michigan who got unexpectedly lucky when it comes to pizza. She got the treat of her life when she received a letter for Little Caesars Pizza announcing her as the winner of free Hot-n-Ready Pizzas for an entire year during the restaurant’s “Grand ReOpening” event.

In fact, she a got a note with 52 cards enclosed in an envelope, allowing her to redeem her free pizzas at any of three Little Caesars locations. Upon receiving them, Hannah immediately thought it would be better to give them all away instead of enjoying the pizzas for an entire year herself.

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“Thanks for the year supply of pizza Little Caesars! You will be happy to know that I am donating it all to charity and will be hand delivering the pizza to different shelters and kitchens for those who are in need,” she declared on Facebook.

Hannah is hoping that by doing this, she can inspire others to also give back. She would also like to remind everyone that the value of “simple things like food” should not be taken for granted.

When Hannah spoke with Inside Edition, she also made it clear she wants to be able to make a difference somewhere close to home. “Detroit is going through a lot of negativity. I wanted somewhere close to home that would be affected by my donation,” she explained.

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Upon winning $500 worth of pizza, she immediately reached out to various non-profit organizations in her area. In the end, she decided that the beneficiary of all her boxes of Hot-n-Ready pizza will be the Covenant House Michigan, which readily caters to the needs of homeless youth.

On social media, people are applauding Hannah’s good deed. One said, “You are a kind hearted lady. There needs to be more people like you in this world.”

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