Photos And Facts About Lauren Puryear: Inspiring Woman Who Just Fed 30,000 People For Her 30th Birthday

Photos And Facts About Lauren Puryear: Inspiring Woman Who Just Fed 30,000 People For Her 30th Birthday
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One New Jersey woman thought she’d make her 30th birthday special not just for herself, but for 30,000 other people as well.


Woodbridge resident Lauren Puryear has an extraordinary heart and a passion for giving. It also just so happens that she enjoys collecting coupons and soon, she realized that she could use her couponing hobby to help feed as much 30,000 people by her 30th birthday. And this is exactly what she did!

“I started couponing for food items like spaghetti, meatballs, and I was (often) able to get the items for free or for little to no money,” Lauren explained to She also said she would collect as many coupons as she could online or for the Sunday paper. This allows her to feed as much as 150 people for just $20.

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What’s interesting to note is that it’s not the first time that Lauren celebrated her birthday by sharing food with others. In fact, she decided to feed 290 people in celebration of her 29th birthday and scheduled some food programs throughout several days of September. Aside from that, she even launched a School Supply Drive in the past.

Lauren regularly does more than her part in helping out the community. She has even created an organization called For The Love of Others where she does projects for the homeless and children.

Through her organization, she also offers various outpatient mental health therapy services. Lauren is actually a woman with four degrees, including a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Today, Lauren also continues to provide free meals to those who need them most. And throughout her outreach, she takes her five-year old son along. ” It is very important to teach him to help other people,” she remarked.

You can help Lauren help others by donating to her organization here.

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