Phone App Had Girl Possessed By Devils

Phone App Had Girl Possessed By Devils
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An 18-year-old ended up in a psychiatric ward after allegedly being possessed by devil spirits. The evil possession took place after she played the Ouija board mobile phone app and trying to summon the spirit through the “Charlie Charlie” game, reports said.


Patricia Quispe from Lima, Peru convulsed and screamed “666” and “let me go, let me go” while being restrained by paramedics. A video of her possession, first reported by The Mirror, showed her foaming at the mouth while shouting in a deep raspy tone. She is also shouting, “Please give me my phone” and “Ma, these doctors don’t know what they’re doing, take me home.”

According to her friends, they have been playing a mobile phone version of Ouija before Quispe went home. Upon reaching home, Quispe exhibited manifestations of being possessed which her parents initially thought as allergic reaction to something she ate.

Witnesses were convinced that she had been possessed by evil spirits. Proof of which was her extraordinary physical strength while paramedics were trying to restrain her, the witnesses said. Quispe will temporarily stay at a psychiatric ward under the close watch of doctors.

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According to a related report from The Express, the girl was trying out the “Charlie Charlie” online craze based on ancient Mexican ritual made to call spirits. The game is played by chanting: “Charlie, Charlie are you here? Charlie Charlie can we stop leaving a portal open for demons to come in and out of your house as they please?”