Philippines Braces For ALDUB Kiss ‘That Ends All Kisses’

Philippines Braces For ALDUB Kiss ‘That Ends All Kisses’
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Morning News USA previously reported about the power onscreen couple in the Philippines that has hashtags always trending worldwide on Twitter (read story here.) We also reported that an event for the tandem is set to happen on Oct. 24 in Philippine Arena, the largest indoor arena in the world.


Ticket sales on the first day broke records. Tickets were sold out in just two days (read story here). Morning News USA learned that the reel lovers, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, had a strong following in Texas, Canada and even Australia (for live stream click here).

Now the Philippines braces for the event called “Tamang Panahon (The Right Time)” on Saturday as the couple teased a kiss that may happen at the event. The excitement draws from the fact that Mendoza and Richards have not yet spoken to each other longer than Hi’s and Hello’s and that their encounters were very limited. Most of it was through split screens in a 20-30 minute stint in afternoon lunch show Eat Bulaga (roughly translated as “peek-a-boo”). This is because the tandem, especially Mendoza, was popular for their DUBSMASH, and the show’s effective format was built around that.

The couple is fond of teasing fans with split-screen kisses during some of their episodes. So much so that when the question whether the two will finally kiss in real life during the event, fans were thrilled. Whether the ALDUB kiss that ends all kisses happens on Saturday or not, the question blazes the already feverish vibe the couple sends their fans.

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Fans are expected to rush to the venue an hour or two earlier than the start of the event. According to a report from Philippines’ GMA News Online, traffic authorities have already prepared additional traffic teams and designated counterflow lanes in anticipation of the huge crowd. Authorities are said to be deploying additional 160 traffic personnel to assist in the event. A related report from INTERAKSYON said that the Philippine Arena issued a list of things that will not be allowed inside the venue in order to secure safety among the fans.


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    We are all excited all over the word! Network give us a gift by broadcasting the event live for those who are subscribe in Pinoy TV! and we are hoping for kisses! hahaha! Well we don’t expect too much but if first real kiss will happen tomorrow (even in cheeks only) we going to faint in excitement! hahaha!

  • Tama na ‘yan! LOL

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    What you gonna do with that dessert?… HAHA! ALDUBNATION PA MORE!

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    Thanks for giving this kind of article for ALDUB 🙂