Philadelphia Eagles Violating NFL Rules By Hiring Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles Violating NFL Rules By Hiring Doug Pederson
Photo Credit: Erin Costa via Compfight cc

The Philadelphia Eagles have reportedly hired Doug Pederson as their new head coach.


Pederson, the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, is currently busy with his team as the Chiefs face the New England Patriots in a divisional round playoff match on Saturday.

According to NBC Sports, the Eagles are violating league rules by hiring a coach still actively involved in the post-season. Unless the Chiefs have been eliminated from the playoffs, the Eagles cannot officially confirm their hiring of Pederson.

“No contract shall be executed, and no agreement to execute a contract, or an announcement of a contract or of an agreement for employment, shall be permitted until after the conclusion of the employer club’s playing season,” the relevant league policy states.

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One school of thought is that Eagles simply assume that Pederson will eventually agree to terms of the contract. However, the Eagles could be violating the rules by communicating terms of the contract with Pederson, before the conclusion of his stint with the Chiefs.

An Eagles spokesman said on Thursday, “We have concluded our search for a head coach. No further interviews are scheduled.” However, he was careful not to mention Pederson’s name.

Pederson is in a position of power if he wants to use it. Can the Eagles trust that Pederson won’t, for example, ask for more money or otherwise renege on a deal they weren’t allowed to make in the first place? Because if Pederson reveals the terms of the deal, the Eagles could face grave violations.

Some reckon the rule itself doesn’t make sense since teams should be allowed to reach an agreement that won’t come into effect until the season ends. Therefore, the discussions don’t mean anything.

If Pederson and Eagles have come to a vocal agreement, Philadelphia needs to trust his word and wait for the season to pan out. However, until the league changes the absurd rule, all reports don’t matter. Many pundits reckon the Philadelphia Eagles have struck gold by hiring Pederson, who has been instrumental in the Chiefs’ success these past few seasons.