Phenomenal Meteor Shower Of December 2015 Happening Today! Tips On Viewing Time And What You’ll Need

Phenomenal Meteor Shower Of December 2015 Happening Today! Tips On Viewing Time And What You’ll Need
Photo Credit: theilr / Flickr via Compfight cc by-sa 2.0
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The yearly meteor shower that always happens during the month of December is just a few hours off and you shouldn’t miss it for the world.


It’s happening today, December 14, 2015, and it’s going to be epic! The Geminid Meteor Shower December 2015, also known as the “best meteor shower of the year,” is not that type of phenomena that will be basically available for your viewing pleasure any place in the world… without having to use telescopes!

The 100-500 meteors “rain from the sky” is expected to commence each hour for the rest of December 14, 2015 and everyone has been anticipating how huge it’s going to be. The bright lights that would emanate from the meteors as it would enter the Earth’s atmosphere will be flying around at a pace of 78,000 mph. According to MTV, “The Geminids show up as mostly white and yellow, with perhaps 10% of Geminid meteors showing red, blue, or red.” Christmas is going to be colorful this year, so it seems.

Furthermore, the report states, “Geminids are named because the meteors seem to radiate from the constellation of Gemini.” The shower lasts a couple of weeks, with meteors typically seen December 4 through 7, peaking near December 13 through 14. Meaning, today’s the best view for star gazing at the most anticipated meteor shower of December 2015!

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In other news, Telegraph reported that if you were living in the United Kingdom, the Geminids would be at their prettiest come Monday morning; that’s roughly a few hours away. In fact, it has already arrived in Britain and is expected to be at its best as well tonight through the morning. If you haven’t stepped outside and started star-gazing, you better be! You only have a few hours left.

If you don’t live around the UK, the best time to view the Meteor Shower December 2015 would be around two in the morning; that is, if the weather is clear enough for your viewing pleasure. Furthermore, it would also be best if you stray yourself away from artificial light to see them more translucent as ever.