Peyton Manning Will Be Forced To Retire By Denver Broncos: Reports

Peyton Manning Will Be Forced To Retire By Denver Broncos: Reports
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Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos legend, is expected to announce his retirement by the end of the week, according to the Denver Post. However, conflicting reports state that Manning will be forced out.


Manning has been bombarded with retirement questions ever since the Broncos won Super Bowl 50. At the time, the quarterback simply said: “I don’t know the answer to that (retirement).”

Denver Broncos, too, hope to move on with Brock Osweiler as their new quarterback and begin a new era. In all honesty, Manning, 40, was a shadow of his once great self during the previous season. Despite the Broncos’ eventual triumph, Manning wasn’t the best player on the football field.

There have been differing reports circulating since Saturday night. After the Denver Post reported that Manning’s announcement is expected soon, the Broncos refuted the report in The Post. According to Broncos management, Manning hasn’t made a decision about the 2016-17 season. Patrick Smythe, the Broncos’ PR agent, tweeted: “Peyton has not made a decision on his future. Plan remains for him to continue talks with the team this week. ”

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According to Fox Sports, the decision is no longer Manning’s. The Broncos have already made the decision for him, according to Alex Marvez, who writes that it’s “not a matter of if but when” the team and Manning will part ways.

With Peyton Manning gone…

Remember, the Broncos have several key free agents to re-sign during the offseason. The likes of Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, Osweiler and Malik Jackson have all entered negotiations with the team and are expected to receive maximum-level contracts. The Broncos need Manning to retire to sign the aforementioned trio, since his $19 million cap hit won’t be on the books in 2016.

It’s pretty obvious that Peyton Manning will call it quits, soon. His father, Archie Manning, told the world that his son “was done” after the emotional Super Bowl 50, which was billed as Peyton’s last rodeo. If Broncos hadn’t won the Super Bowl, there was a possibility that Peyton would have returned for another season, perhaps with the Los Angeles Rams.

Peyton Manning will go down as one of the top-10 greatest quarterbacks in history. And it’s time for the sporting world to celebrate his greatness.

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