Pentagon Wants Household Items Weaponized, They’ll Pay You For It

Pentagon Wants Household Items Weaponized, They’ll Pay You For It

Weaponize a blender and expect hefty cash from the Pentagon. According to reports, Pentagon is looking out of the box ideas to develop sophisticated military technology in light of recent reports that the organization has been working on figuring out how to deter other military threats like Russia and China further.


Department of Defense’s blue-sky research lab is reportedly casting a wider net to help pick up some innovative civilian ideas. Specifically, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has put out word to people who can come up with off-the-shelf weapons from commercial technologies. The department is inviting everyone starting with professional weapon-makers to “skilled hobbyists,” according to a report from Fortune.

“Use of components, products, and systems from non-military technical specialties (e.g., transportation, construction, maritime, and communications) is of particular interest,” DARPA explained in its document discussing about the initiative. Furthermore, the term “commercially available technology” is not really limited.

However, the idea is not to encourage the public to come up with new weapons to be used in real life rather so the organization can see what potential attackers may come up with. This allows the agency to get inside the head of people from all walks of life and see how they will come up with threats from technologies available to them.

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“For decades, U.S. national security was ensured in large part by a simple advantage: a near-monopoly on access to the most advanced technologies,” DARPA said in a press release previously. However, technology is now more readily available to people. The technologies can turn into threats once modified.

Speaking of threats, the Pentagon was reportedly working on new technologies previously in order to deter increasing threats like Russia and China. Despite Russia’s efforts supposedly in Syria, particularly the ceasefire, part of the US military believes that the country has not really taken the necessary steps in reducing its forces in the region.

“We have not seen a significant reduction, frankly, in their combat power. Particularly the ground combat power remain static, the air combat power has been slightly reduced, but that’s it,” Yahoo quoted Colonel Steve Warren, a US military spokesman in the region.

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