Pee In Rio Olympics 2016 Pool: Water Turns Slimy Green [Photos]

Pee In Rio Olympics 2016 Pool: Water Turns Slimy Green [Photos]
Olympic rings The Department for Culture, Media and Sport / Flickr cc
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Although Brazilian scientists have already warned those who will be competing in water sports in Rio Olympics 2016, athletes weren’t prepared for the worst.


Thinking local authorities were exaggerating when the warning was issued, athletes in several water sports found themselves in stingy situations. In fact, a report from BBC showed athletes swimming in a pool that has turned green.

Slimy Olympics Pool

Athletes and spectators shared on Facebook their fascination and sarcastic questions regarding why the supposedly bluish pool Olympians have been accustomed to swim suddenly turned greenish. Pictures of the pool that resembled more of a crocodile den have circulated on social media.

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Twitter was flooded with tweets of the slimy pool in Rio Olympics 2016. Some ridiculed the organizers, who according to netizens seemed unworried about the pool that turned slimy and green.

Contaminated Water

One of the pools in Rio was the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre, where major swimming events are being held, including women and men synchronized swimming. But swimmers are left with no choice but to compete despite the water condition.

Before the Rio Olympics officially opened over the weekend, local doctors and experts in Brazil have issued a warning for athletes who will be participating in swimming events. Swimmers have been warned to be wary and swim with their mouths closed, as beaches in Brazil are contaminated with human feces and other contaminants.

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The warning was issued after several researchers found that health of beaches and bodies of water in Brazil are in poor condition. Some of the common contaminants polluting the waters of Brazil include raw sewage from nearby communities, household garbage, and even corpses.

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