Pebble Time Steel Review: The Best Deal When It Comes To Smartwatches?

Pebble Time Steel Review: The Best Deal When It Comes To Smartwatches?
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The credit of creating the modern smartwatch is given to Pebble, with its 2011 Kickstarter campaign. This time, Pebble is back with Pebble Time Steel, which is an “upmarket metal-cased” watch that promises a lot of functionality.


Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel are two of the major smartwatches brought by the company. Pebble Time has more functionality while Pebble Time Steel has the look. Pebble Time has Bluetooth connectivity, 28 mm watch strap, same color screen, multi-day battery life and a quick release pin. The e-paper display shows 64 colors which may not be sufficient, but due to the technology, it does not use up much of power.

As the smartwatch market is concentrating more on looks rather than functionality to make the watch suitable as a fashion statement, Pebble Time Steel gets an upper hand. The watch has same design cues as Pebble Time but it is curved at all corners with that square look to make it more comfortable on your hands.

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Both watches from the company are compatible with a large number of Pebble apps and thus can be quite beneficial for regular use. The apps are timely in providing the notification. The battery is long compared to that of Apple.

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Pebble Time Steel reviews suggest that it has been accepted by a wide userbase owing to its robust look and performance. As far as the price is concerned, Pebble Time will cost you around $200 while the Steel version is available for $250. It can be a genuinely good purchase if you want to start your journey in the world of smartwatches without spending a lot of money.

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