Pebble Smartwatch Updates: Improvements & Additions

Pebble Smartwatch Updates: Improvements & Additions
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Pebble Smartwatch has just announced having its firmware version 3.10 and revamped companion apps for iOS and Android. The update of the said wearable was announced this Monday, March 7, on the company’s blog site. The latest update includes the addition of new emoji handling and streamlined fitness tracking.


One of the latest features that are worth taking note of, according to Digital Trends, is its refined activity summary. With the latest firmware version, if the user has enabled his Pebble’s Health feature, they will be getting a notification that contains information on the amount of steps they have walked, the distance that was covered and the calories that were burned during the entire day.

The emoji’s behaviour has also been enhanced in a way that when a user is sent a single emoji from a certain contact, they will receive a jumbo-sized image of the emoji. This is presumably to make a statement or emphasize a point.

Aside from the additions, Pebble smartphone apps have also been upgraded. Most of the updates are for Pebble Time’s iOS apps, the version 3.10 has a greater customization options, a new layout and a smoother navigation.

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Users can now customize rules for different days of the week, like having “hangouts notification” during the week or restricting the “Facebook notifications” that they receive per day or week.

Wearers can now also add shortcuts to the watch face, app and notification menus to a new bottom tab. Notification controls are even made more granular; meaning users can individually toggle which apps can forward a notification to the users paired Pebble.

According to Pebble’s blog post, the newly upgraded apps for both iOS and Android versions can now support  English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.  The wearable company has also added support for Chinese characters in notifications and alerts. Both have also received the bug fixes and performance improvements.

Pebble’s Android app has also now have improvements on its Send Text app that is based on a user feedback that it has received. Both Pebble Time App for Android and iOS can now be downloaded; Android’s version is the 3.10.0 release downloadable from the Google Play Store while iOS has the 3.10 version which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Meanwhile, the Pebble smartwatch firmware update can be downloaded by tapping the “Update Your Pebble” button within the companion app. The updates is said to be Pebble’s way of stepping up its support and sales efforts in an attempt to maintain and tempt more consumers to try its wearables.

It could be noted that just last week, the company had price cuts on its Pebble Health and Time-series watches as a celebration of the product’s success. Pebble Time now costs $149.99 USD while Pebble Time round is now down to $199.99 USD.

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