Pebble Smartwatch Becomes Affordable; New Prices Announced

Pebble Smartwatch Becomes Affordable; New Prices Announced
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Yesterday, we reported about the Microsoft Band 2 price drop. And now the Pebble smartwatch prices have also had a price reduction. What can be the reason behind these price cuts? The Band 2’s new price is available only for a limited time period so it is clearly a promotional offer. Pebble, on its blog, has clearly mentioned that the company wants to make these timepieces “more affordable” and the new prices are here to stay with us.


Let us first talk about the new of price of Pebble Smartwatch. The Pebble Time Round gets a $50 price cut and is now available for $200 instead of $250. Another Pebble Smartwatch, Pebble Time, has also seen a drop of $50 and will now be available for $150 instead of $200. Making these smartwatches affordable is definitely one reason, but another is competition for sure. With every passing day, the number of people using fitness bands or smartwatches to keep track of jogging or other health-related activities is increasing. No brand can let a golden opportunity slip from their hands. The market is still growing, if a brand does not reach out to people at this stage, it will always be at risk of being kicked out by another brand. What matters right now to smartwatches and wristbands are – “Loyal Customers,” as these customers are the ones who will help smartwatch brands survive, even after the number of competitors grows.

As Pebble Smartwatch price cut was announced, the company also shed light on future updates. The post read, “The roadmap for Pebble Health only gets rosier. Future updates will include insights for running activities and a dedicated Health section in the Pebble smartphone app, featuring your activity history. We want as many people as possible living more actively and sleeping better with Pebble Health. Making the Time-series watches with Pebble Health more affordable is a big step in that direction.”

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