Pawn Stars Season 13 Spoilers: Chum Lee Appearance Confirmed, Will Have Reduced Role Due To Possible Jail Time?

Pawn Stars Season 13 Spoilers: Chum Lee Appearance Confirmed, Will Have Reduced Role Due To Possible Jail Time?
Chum Lee from Pawnstars On History / Facebook

Rick and company will soon be back as Pawn Stars Season 13 has begun filming at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop. However along with the announcement that the show is now production is the news that one of the four fan favorites will be getting a reduced screen time, what are the chances that it this could be Chum Lee?


The 33-year old Chum was arrested last year on drug and illegal weapons charges after methamphetamine and at least one firearm was found in his home. Authorities found the items while serving a search warrant for a sexual assault charge.

Speaking with the Las Vegas Review Journal, Pawn Stars patriarch, Rick Harrison discussed the filming of the show’s 13th season. Rick confirmed that all four favorites will be returning this season, himself, his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, the old man, and of course Chum Lee.

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Chum struck a plea deal for his case and is now out on probation until 2019. However, should he violate the terms of his probation, he could go to jail for upwards of 6 years.

Speculations have been running high that Chum will not be able to join the gang in the upcoming 13th season. The reason behind these rumors has been the aforementioned felony charges.

The Old Man Will Be Taking A Reduced Role In Pawn Stars Season 13

However, as it turns out, it will be the old man who will be taking a reduced role on the show. Richard Harrison will only be making cameos rather than being a central figure in the show.

Long-time fans of the show will definitely miss the gruff chitchat between the old man, Corey, and Chum. In a way, the elder Harrison has become everyone’s granddad who tells stories of their glory days.

There is currently no information as to why the old man will be taking a very reduced role on Pawn Stars. Suppose we should count our blessings that all four of the them will be returning despite Chum Lee facing legal trouble.

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